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"Successful innovation is finding a solution to a problem you did not even know you had, but once that problem is solved it becomes essential. That is the type of innovation we are focused on." Our way of working is inspired by the desire to always exceed your expectations: anticipating and understanding your needs, focusing on outcomes, being guided by engineering excellence, and teamwork are the fundamentals of our business. In an opened and interconnected world, valuable product...
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Our services

A professional team at your service! Néomitis® is equipped with a co-operative, multidisciplinary team to guarantee your complete satisfaction. Trained and competent individuals, modern technology, meticulous organization, and optimized processes... Our expertise and our commitment to customer satisfaction are there to offer you the quality of service which you deserve. The Néomitis® team will answer all enquires by e-mail within 24 hours: How we...
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Quality and Standards

The European CE marking on Néomitis® products certify that they meet the essential requirements of the European directives and have the right of free movement throughout the territory of the European Union. The NF mark not only guarantees the quality and safety of each product, but also strict criteria to ensure it meets the consumer’s need. The NF ELECTRICITE mark is only applied after testing by an approved third part organization to ensure product compliance with all national,...
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Sustainable development

Since the AXENCO Group is dedicated to creating comfortable environments, we are intrinsically concerned with the issues of environmental sustainability, improving energy efficiency, reducing waste and finding affordable of solutions. In this context : Our activities are driven by a continuous application of the scientific method to improving practical problems. The aim of our innovation is to generate savings in the areas of energy and equipment utilization (by means of energy...
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