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The smart control of heating the connected home

Monitoring, management, control of comfort and budget in the home to participate actively in the fight against fuel poverty


Free app downloadable from Apple IOS and Android platforms

Myneomitis is the smart control of your home, remotely manage your heating, guarantee your comfort, monitor your budget, understand and forecast for a perfect control.







Innovative products with local intelligence, Internet to view, control, anticipate, optimize


Our goal: adapted services

For each of you: users, social and private landlords, syndicates, installers...

Whatever your profile, MYNEOMITIS is a single interface which self-adapts to meet your needs.




Interoperability - Cloud to cloud

MYNEOMITIS is also open to other applications

Because we think it is important to make your daily life easier and because we designed an upgradeable system, Myneomitis will allow you to control other applications such as lighting, ventilation, domestic hot water...



















An ergonomic and intuitive app

A real interface between you and your home, 3 levels of global view are offered: from home to device






A single revolutionnary interface !

Intuitive, ergonomic and auto-adaptative

Latest-generation advanced and optimized electronics

+ Rugged and designed to last.

+ Equipped with an OTA processor for the software remote update.

+ Optimization, monitoring and measurement of internal temperatures, safety and reliability.

+ Permanent backup of settings in case the mains power supply goes off.

+ PID controller: this means stable and accurate temperature all year round.

Assist, adapt, combine comfort and energy savings

+ Setting-up assistant: configure the main settings in a few minutes.

+ User profile monitoring: home, hotel, offices, public building to adapt to each need.

+ Gauge and power consumption indication in kWh.

+ Opened window detection and manual activation of the ventilation cycle.

+ Several operating modes.

+ Smart ambient temperature sensor adjustment with automatic compensation.
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