The innovative EcoSens® pack

Ecosens®: 10 innovative features for comfort and lower consumption



Seven years ago, Neomitis® launched the EcoSens® technology with its many features that have not stopped evolving ever since. Every year, we are working to complete our feature pack with more and more innovations for comfort and energy savings.
A single logic, common sense: we listen to you and take into account each of your comments. Thanks to our advanced software engineering department, we are able to modify in real time the products with a maximum reactivity.
For this new heating season, we show you our latest developments, even more innovations, ergonomics and energy savings with the EcoSens® innovation pack.



Occupancy detection

The easiest solution for irregular occupancy patterns: managing unexpected events and saving money a few minutes after your departure !
Thanks to their high-performance infrared motion detector, equipped with a Fresnel lens specially designed for this application, Neomitis® smart devices optimize the heating management.
They detect movements in the room where they are installed and in case of absence, automatically and progressively reduce the setting temperature in successive steps.
This avoids unnecessarily heating unoccupied rooms, saving money without compromising your comfort !
After 3 days of non-occupancy, the device switches to frost protection: ideal in the rental in the mountains if your tenant forgets to lower the heating before leaving.
When a presence is detected in the room, the device returns automatically to the initial mode to bring the level of comfort desired: its reactivity thus allows you to manage unexpected events automatically!



Programme your heating as you like! Because we are all different, we wanted to let you choose !  

My EcoSens®: automatic programming


We take care of everything, you have nothing to do, let your smart device work on your savings.
As soon as they are put into operation and without any prior adjustment, the heating devices equipped with EcoSens® technology adopt the learning mode, this enables them to understand and memorize your life patterns: detecting and adapting to periods of absence and presence.
The initial learning phase lasts 7 days, but the product will perpetually learn and adapt to changes in your occupancy patterns, adapting week after week to optimize to any changes. The products intelligent algorithm analyzes this information in real-time in order to optimize and adapt the program for the coming weeks.
The goal: to simplify your life, to anticipate your comfort needs and to continuously maximise energy savings.



Custom programming

Decide for each day the right times by creating your own programme.
You can create for each day of the week Comfort and Eco periods according to your needs.
Self-adaptability, self-programming, flexibility, freedom, making your own choices to combine comfort and savings: an adapted programming can generate singnificant savings!



Programming on-demand

Choose from a selection the programme adapted to your life patterns.
You can implement for each day of the week, one of the 5 preset and available programmes.



Dual optimization feature

OPTI ECO or OPTI COMFORT, because even if we design smart products to make your life easier, you decide.
Optimize your programming by favouring comfort or savings:

Dependent on various parameters: inertia of the room, ambient temperature, desired temperature, seasonality, the radiator will calculate and optimize its programming for the periods of comfort and economy (Eco) depending on your preference:

- Whilst in the OPTI ECO (priority to economy) mode, the processors within the radiator will calculate the best compromise to guarantee maximum energy efficiency throughout the programmed periods of temperature variation (increase / decrease). This mode effectively accepts a slight reduction in the temperature levels both at the beginning and the end of the comfort periods, to maximize energy efficiency.

- Whilst in the OPTI COMFORT (priority to comfort) mode, the processors within the radiator will calculate the best compromise to guarantee maximum user comfort throughout the programmed periods of temperature variation (increase / decrease). This mode will look to anticipate and maintain the set comfort temperature during all detected periods of occupancy within the area.



Open window detection

Energy is valuable do not waste it !
- Automatic detection: when a window is opened, if the device installed in the room detects a significant drop in temperature, it will switch to frost protection mode.
- Manual ventilation cycle: you can also control you ventilation cycle by starting a lowering cycle in frost protection mode by pressing a button.



Gauge and energy consumption indication

The right combination for an eco-friendly behaviour, control with the right information.
Understand and be informed to act !

- Gauge consumption, to inform: Depending on the temperature set, a selector indicates the level of energy consumption by positioning itself in front of a color:
• Red = High temperature level: it is advisable to significantly reduce the setting temperature
• Orange = Average temperature level: it is advisable to slightly reduce the setting temperature
• Green = Ideal temperature
You can situate your energy consumption level snapshot.
- Consumption indication accumulated in kWh: Neomitis’ smart devices are also equipped with an indication of energy consumption in kWh, enabling the user to see the estimated number of kWh consumed for each device at any time.



Setting temperature limitation

Control, define latitudes, you decide ! Reduce the setting temperature down by 1°C can save up 10% of your energy bill.
 In Comfort mode, the setting temperature is preset at 19°C. For even greater savings, you can limit the adjustement of this temperature by introducing a maximum and minimum settings.
To give the tenant a range of temperatures without going to excess.
In Eco mode, the maximum limit of the setting temperature is 19°C.


PID control

The high-performance algorithms developed by our engineering teams guarantee a level of excellence in control.
- Our performance coefficients and our NF performance *** and *** eye certifications attest.
- Stability of the desired temperature throughout the seasons, very low amplitude, precision and accuracy guarantee an optimal feeling of comfort.




"Lock" feature, child anti-tamper or PIN code lock, Neomitis® offer features for all:
- PIN lock, special security for social and private rental housing that also participates in the control of consumption Neomitis® smart devices can be protected by a customizable PIN code which, when activated, prevents access to specific settings (access to Comfort mode, programming, etc.).
- Child anti-tamper "LOCK", to prevent unintentional changes in the settings, access to the keypad is locked, only the standby button remains active (standard requirement).


All of these innovations have enabled Neomitis® smart devices to reach the highest level of NF performance *** and *** eye certification. From the beginning, both quality and performance of our products allow us to offer you an exclusive and premium warranty of 3 years!


Products equipped

Anthemys EcoSens®

Anthemys EcoSens® Anthracite grey

Anthemys EcoSens® Chrome


Lamelys EcoSens®


Lamelys EcoSens® Anthracite grey




Ebath Slim


Ebath Anthracite grey


Ebath Slim Anthracite grey


Lamelys Neoboost EcoSens®

Lamelys Neoboost EcoSens®
Anthracite grey

Anthemys Neoboost EcoSens®

Anthemys Neoboost
EcoSens® Anthracite grey

Anthemys Neoboost EcoSens®



Keren Anthracite grey


Estyle Anthracite grey


Calianthys EcoSens®

Calianthys EcoSens®
Anthracite grey

Calianthys Vertical EcoSens®

Calianthys Vertical EcoSens®
Anthracite grey


Velkis Anthracite grey



Dolmys EcoSens®

Dolmys EcoSens®
Anthracite grey



Efluid Anthracite grey


Myneo Fluid Curved

Myneo Fluid Curved
Anthracite grey

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