Quality and Standards

The European CE marking on Néomitis® products certify that they meet the essential requirements of the European directives and have the right of free movement throughout the territory of the European Union. 




The NF mark not only guarantees the quality and safety of each product, but also strict criteria to ensure it meets the consumer’s need. The NF ELECTRICITE mark is only applied after testing by an approved third part organization to ensure product compliance with all national, European and certain international standards and technical specifications. The Néomitis® range is certified for NF safety and this guarantees:
 ELECTRICITY NF certification.
 Test reports from LCIE (Central Laboratory for Electrical Industries).
 A declaration of EC conformity according to (DBT-EMF-EMC) guidelines.




The NF Performance mark goes even further by not only ensuring compliance with electrical safety standards, but also additional quality and usability criteria, for example, the comfort and energy savings achieved by our heaters. The Néomitis®’ range has the NF Performance mark to guarantee:
 Quality Control
 Electrical Safety
 Ingress Protection (IP)











The NF aerodynamics and thermal mark issued by the CERTITA certification body, ensures the quality and safety of certified products, but also compliance with hydraulic safety standards. Néomitis® approves against the NF aerodynamics and thermal to ensure:
 Thermal power provided for each device
 A guarantee maximum operating pressure
 Optimal design of the heater body




The thermal emission of all Néomitis® hydronic radiators conform to the EN442 standard which meets the thermal power requirements of the European Union. 




A guarantee of quality and performance, the Keymark marking certifies compliance with European standards and requirements for valves and thermostatic valve bodies (EN 215) for hydraulic equipment.
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