MYNEOMITIS Connect, the free professional application for the installation and implementation of Neomitis connected products in one or more buildings:

MYNEOMITIS Connect is a real installation tool, essential for the connected thermal comfort professional, and joins the ecosystem of free Neomitis applications and services.

Free application to download on Apple IOS and Android platforms:


MYNEOMITIS Connect allows you to:

> Prepare the installation by pre-connecting the products to a WiFi network.

> Save time when pairing up products: association product by product or by group of products. Indeed, the MYNEOMITIS Connect application allows you to connect a group of products at the same time, in one go! For example: you are in a flat where 5 Neomitis connected products are within range of the WiFi network, the application automatically detects them and you can pair all these products in one go.


> A simple and intuitive interface that guides you through each step.

> Ensure quick and easy implementation of connected devices in large volumes (e.g. installation and pairing of products in 60 rooms of a hotel).


> Ensure automatic association with housing and accounts created in other MYNEOMITIS and MYNEOMITIS Building applications by transferring products from the MYNEOMITIS Connect application to the user’s MYNEOMITIS account. For example, products will be transferred directly from the MYNEOMITIS Connect application to the MYNEOMITIS application once the installation and pairing of the products is complete.

> Information exchanges concerning the pairing of products only, in real time between the installer and the owner of the home or building via our secure cloud.



The free MYNEOMITIS Connect application is the essential tool for all your work sites, it guarantees simple, fast and secure on-site interventions!

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