MYNEOMITIS Building, the free professional application for owners, landlords, building managers and local authorities, accessible on the Internet


The solution for reporting and optimised management of energy consumption in social and private housing.


MYNEOMITIS Building allows you to:

 Visualise, analyse, understand, forecast and anticipate.
 Visualise consolidated consumption information for a home, a building or a property.
 Be alerted in real time of an event, and if necessary, trigger an intervention.
 Have a detailed and consolidated report on consumption.
 Prove the accuracy of investments by measuring payback times.
 Diagnose and analyse to benefit from the effects of experience.
 Produce a summary in the form of a case study to motivate tenants and investors.
 Add a unit to a building following a tenant’s request.
 Lock access to a tenant’s account.
 Contact a tenant.



An anticipated and controlled budget to facilitate rental management

The system is evolving, the features presented are either available or under development.

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