MYNEOMITIS is the smart control of your home, managing your heating remotely, guaranteeing your comfort, monitoring your budget, understanding and anticipating for perfect control.

An ergonomic, intuitive and free application available for download on the Apple IOS and Android platforms and on the web



A real interface between you and your home, 3 levels of global view are offered: from home to device





 Tested to work with over 1000 products on a single account.
 Interface adapted to view a large number of products.
 Auto-select search bar for easy navigation through product or area/housing listings.


Our application allows you to:

See and understand

 The status, the functioning.
 The current and planned modes (presence, absence, holidays...).
 The set temperatures...
 Read the current, minimum and maximum ambient temperatures in real time.
 Access the weather forecast.

Be informed in real time

 Notifications and news feed warm you of an event on your installation.
 Be alerted of an open window, a disconnection, an unusual consumption, etc...

Managing the unexpected remotely

 I’m leaving unexpectedly? Unexpected departure: I switch the whole house to Eco mode for maximum savings.
 I’m coming home early? Early return: I switch the whole house to Comfort mode to have the right temperature when I return.

Controlling your installation

 Interact with your home, an area or a product.
 Program your heating quickly and easily, or better still, let the Myneomitis devices do it for you.
 Set and define priorities.
 Apply an operating mode (Auto, Comfort, Eco, Frost protection, Boost).
 Change the setpoint temperatures.

Optimise your consumption

 In a single gesture, display estimated consumption in kWh or £.
 3 levels of analysis, housing, area or product, macro or micro vision to satisfy the most demanding.
 Control, understand and analyse your consumption:
 Simple and detailed graphs over a given period (day, week, month, year), the actual consumption of the home, an area or a product.
 Comparison with the previous period (day, week, month, year) to better measure your savings.
 To better manage your expenses, a savings assistant integrated into the application advises you on how to reduce your energy bill.
 Coming soon: MYNEOMITIS is also a predictive system for anticipating and optimising consumption in order to reduce energy costs in the home.


With MYNEOMITIS, common sense rhymes with ergonomics, the navigation is simple and intuitive, it is by listening to you that we imagined it.

The system is evolving, the features presented are either available or under development.

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