Infrared remote control

IR Remote for Neomitis® towel rails

 The IR Remote works with Anthemys, Baltis, Anthemys with blower, Lamelys with blower electric towel rails and the Lamelys with blower hybrid towel rail to provide easy control of bathroom heating. The IR remote works from a distance of several meters so that you can control the electric heat without having to reach for the integrated controls.
 Supplied with a wall stand for convenient access.
 Easy to use: one key = one function logic.
 Ergonomic style makes it easy to handle.
 Large backlit keys.
 Display to show the ambient temperature.

For more information, download our documentation


Easy to use

Point the remote control at the front of the towel heater’s integrated thermostat. The key Boost, Mode, + and - have the same functions as the buttons on the integrated thermostat.

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