How to control your MYNEOMITIS
installation with Amazon Alexa

Before you start, make sure:
















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Association of connected devices MYNEOMITIS with Amazon Alexa app





Products are now linked to your Alexa Skill. So you can interact with them using your voice, via the Amazon Echo range of smart speakers.

Once the pairing is complete, all you have to do is speak to Alexa for the products to react. To do this, always start your sentence with "Alexa" otherwise the requests will not be taken into account.

Voice commands available for Amazon Alexa*

To turn off/on a device or a room

"Alexa, turn off the room thermostat 1"

"Alexa, turn on the room thermostat 1"
To request information

"Alexa, what is the temperature of the bathroom?"
To change the mode

"Alexa, put the office to Eco mode"

"Alexa, put the bathroom to Boost mode"
To change a temperature

"Alexa, increase the temperature of David’s room by 2 degrees"

"Alexa, lower the living room temperature by 5 degrees"

"Alexa, put the room thermostat at 20 degrees"
*Non-exhaustive list: it can vary and be completed according to the evolution of the understanding of the voice assistant.

The stated sentences depend on the understanding Alexa
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