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NEOMITIS invites you to discover how to set up and program your thermostat thanks to its online tutorials




Experience the simplicity of the videos products:

> Ergonomic and intuitive, they help users step by step to the use of their device.

> They allow you to view the operations on the product in order to be able to set the device at the same time as the demonstration on the screen.

> The simplicity of digital, videos available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day on the Internet.

> Subscription to the channel available, to be kept up to date with the publications.

Adjusting your device is not only to add thermal comfort but also to save money!


First videos are dedicated to the RT7RF room thermostat. Ultimately, all Neomitis products will have tutorial videos.












Publications to follow, on the NEOMITIS YouTube channel: click on the image hereafter.

Tutorial videos are also accessible from our website: from the main menu, tutorials section and from our product pages. They are available in full as dedicated video player.

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