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Automatic dual-fuel Lamelys with blower

Hydro-electric curved flat towel rails with blower
Automatic dual-fuel Lamelys with blower

The revolution has arrived! Style combined with innovative automatic hydro-electric hybrid heating, Super comfort and savings in any season. 


Smart Energy Control : automatic control of the switching from hydraulic heating mode to electric heating mode and vice versa. This automatic energy source selection allows you to keep your bathroom at the perfect temperature all year round whilst shutting off your hydraulic heating system to the rest of your home during warmer months.

Built in thermostat control will ensure that electric heating is only used when necessary to keep your bathroom at the desired temperature.

With a simple style and a subtle curved profile to facilitate the easy hanging of towels, the Automatic dual-fuel Lamelys with blower is designed to fit all bathrooms.

Quick and easy to install : wall or ground hydraulic connection.

Smart and quiet blower at the bottom of the towel rails : saves space in the bathroom and retains all the surface for drying your towels. 

Intuitive, controls are digital and easy to use.

The electronic controller guarantees the temperature stability with hydraulic heating mode and electric heating mode. 

No matter whether the towel rails are heated by hot water or electricity the blower can be used as an instant additional heat source to make your bathroom extra comfortable in minutes.

Automatic dual-fuel Lamelys with blower is supplied with a digital remote control. 

Automatic dual-fuel Lamelys with blower can be remotely programmable by pilot wire to give you the right temperature at the right time.

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Innovation : Connectable to Internet !

Thanks to Myneo Link pilot wire version

Make all the devices of the past connectable to Internet and remotely-controllable ! Change standard products into connected devices

Thanks to the pilot wire version of Myneo Link, you can change the whole of heating appliances with 4 or 6-order pilot wire into connected products...

Innovation: Smart Energy Control

Automatic management of two energy-sources-giving-savings and comfort

Innovative, unique and precursor, automatic mixed Lamelys with blower has a revolutionary hybrid system enabling the switching from hydraulic energy to electric energy and vice versa, to offer you optimal comfort by generating energy savings...

Infrared remote control supplied

The comfort of the remote control

With an infrared receiver integrated into the control, the towel rails can be controlled by the infrared remote control.

The remote control allows you to change mode, increase temperature or start a temperature ’boost’ without having to reach for the controls.


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