About us

"Successful innovation is finding a solution to a problem you did not even know you had, but once that problem is solved it becomes essential. That is the type of innovation we are focused on."


Our way of working is inspired by the desire to always exceed your expectations: anticipating and understanding your needs, focusing on outcomes, being guided by engineering excellence, and teamwork are the fundamentals of our business.


In an opened and interconnected world, valuable product differentiation, fair pricing, responsive logistics and reactive customer service are essential for doing business. We constantly pursue innovation in our products and business model to ensure that we deliver on the desires of both our direct and indirect customer - the end user.

Our main lines of business

Néomitis® is a specialist in controls & heating products for residential and small office environments. Our product range covers thermostats, programmers, timers, radiant heaters, hydraulic radiators, electric and hydronic heated towel rails and hydro-electrical heating devices for new build or renovation applications. Our products are designed and developed by us in France and the UK.



Néomitis® spirit

Choose unique Néomitis® products

We design, test and manufacture our own products. That means we know our products inside and out, both from the technical and supply chain perspective. With this depth of knowledge we can innovate to meet your needs with improved designs, technology and processes.







Néomitis® serves the professional Installer via our nominated distribution partners

We work with our nominated distribution partners, in creating demand & creating added value to the end user by providing the best product, at the right price, when you need it. Reliability, ease of installation & ease of use are fundamental in all our designs.


Professional installers : Building contractors, plumbers, electricians, integrators and heating specialists.

Building specifiers : Building contractors, private developers, social landlords, architects, thermal engineering consultants, home builders, hotel chains, administrations, public services, private and public promoters.


We maintain a direct relationship with our professional customers so as to benefit from the special link between manufacturer, distribution partner and installer to develop innovative products, and services, that add value. Our market is constantly changing with products becoming more technical, and supply chains more complicated. Being able to deliver relevant products whilst also meeting the users’ needs for lower energy consumption, ease of use and strict performance/ safety standards requires true expertise.
We have many years’ experience in developing heating products for both the UK & European markets. Our vision is to create innovative products that are both easy to install & a pleasure to use.
In an open and connected market, valuable product differentiation, fair pricing, responsive logistics and reactive customer service have become essential requirements.
We must constantly innovate with an adaptive business model that delivers on the desires of both our direct and indirect customer – the end user.



Néomitis®, putting people at the centre of our business

Our values – much more than merely an operational approach – constitute genuine commitments which we apply on a daily basis : Delivering on promises, Ethical interactions, Innovation, Transparency, Professionalism and Teamwork. We do not just sell to customers, we work with partners..


Our people make our company what it is. Based on this conviction, we have made personal relationships, respect for people and a positive atmosphere a critical part of our business – each staff member is a link in this chain, which nurtures and enhances our values and goals. Our highly trained & knowledgeable team can be contacted directly by email : contactuk@neomitis.com



Differentiation by innovation

Intellectual Property is at the heart of our R&D strategy. Innovation is an integral part of our business model. Always guided by our deep understanding of the electric and plumbing markets, we search tirelessly to find the unmet needs of installers and consumers.


We constantly invest in innovative research and development projects, to create value at every stage and offer more ergonomic products, which are easy to install, easy to use, safe and aligned with your needs.


We are uniquely able to achieve this level of innovation because of our involvement in the entire supply chain from initial product concept to after sales support for plumbers and electricians. Our innovation is not just restricted to the product but to the entire process; including packaging, drilling templates, wall-mounting brackets, user guides, customer assistance, logistics… each step is an opportunity to challenge the status quo and develop intellectual property.



Néomitis® and the AXENCO group

Néomitis® is a brand of Co-Intech and represented in the UK by Neomitis Ltd, both are members of the Axenco group. We are an entrepreneurial group of European industrial and commercial companies with our head office near to Lyon, France.
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