AUTOMATIC DUAL-FUEL LAMELYS WITH BLOWER : Innovative system automatic hydro-electric hybrid

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Innovation in bathrooms

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Innovative, unique and precursor, automatic dual-fuel Lamelys with blower has a revolutionary hybrid system for automatic switching from hydraulic heating mode to electric heating mode and inversly, to offer maximum comfort while at generating energy savings.
With a curved design with flat rails, automatic dual-fuel Lamelys with blower brings finesse and distinction in the bathroom where technology and beauty come together for high performance:

> Special BBC (low-energy consumption building) and TR2012

> Hybrid System (hydroelectric)

> Patented blower

> Hydraulic multi-connexions to adapt to new housing and home renovation

> Intelligent management TPI (Time Proportional and Integral) control


Why an automatic dual-fuel towel rails with blower ?

> The bathroom, is a room where people like to spend time. It has become a real living and deserves special attention in the choice of heating device that has to be adapted to the type of occupation :
 The atmospheric heating, to heat the room evenly and permanently.
 The space heater, to heat rapidly the room before taking a shower or bath and warm towels. 
> Currently, two types of towel rails are commonly used in central heating systems :
 The towel rails with hot water: use of a single energy, hot water. 

They are exclusively powered by the hydraulic system of the installation: in mid-season, when the heat source (boiler, heat pump ...) starts off, they do not ensure the heating in this piece. 
 Dual-fuel towel rails : using two energies, hot water and electricity. 

They are powered by the hydraulic circuit of the system but also by the electric energy. So in mid-season, when the heat generator switches off, the heating cartridge of the dual-fuel towel rails takes over and provides heating in the room. However, for most of them, the passage of one energy to another is done manually or by the addition of an additional device. 

Hybrid System Smart Energy Control: Automatic management of two energies


> Hybrid

Automatic dual-fuel Lamelys with blower wisely uses hydraulic power and or electric power. The goal: to optimize your energy consumption while providing comfort and well being in everyday life. 
> Smart

Standalone, it automatically favours the energy source available throughout the year: SMART ENERGY CONTROL System.

The towel rails automatically manages the transition from a hydraulic heating to an electric heating and vice versa. 

For this, Automatic dual-fuel Lamelys with blower have :
 An integrated probe periodically measuring the water temperature at the entrance of towel rails. 
 An integrated electrothermal valve that opens and closes according to the detected water temperature (adjustable threshold):
 The water temperature of your central heating is sufficient = automatic opening of the hot water circuit : your towel rails heats the bathroom with the hydraulic system of the installation. 
 The water temperature of your central heating is insufficient = automatic closure of the hot water circuit : your towel rails heats the bathroom through its electrical resistance. 
> Economic

Heating with hot water in winter and punctual electric boost in mid-season, comfort preserved, energy savings guaranteed! 

Electronic control of the ambient temperature.
 > Independent Boost

At any time, the blower can be used as an instant additional heating whatever the electric or hydraulic energy used : automatically in Super comfort, manually in Boost mode.
> Performance

Automatic dual-fuel Lamelys with blower combines the responsiveness of an electric towel rails and the comfort of a heating with hot water. 

The electronic control ensures the desired temperature stability in hydraulic mode and electric mode. 

> Adjustable hydraulic connections

To adapt to the new housing and home renovation: thanks to its 3 connections G1 / 2 at the bottom, automatic dual-fuel Lamelys with blower is compatible with most central heating systems. Connection can be done either from the wall, or the floor. 


Patented smart blower : convenience & multifunctionality


The blower with integrated controller is an hydro-electric variant of the existing electric version available in Lamelys and Anthemys with blower. The latter is the subject of an international patenting. Its development, resulting from two years of research, was supported by Bpifrance*.
> The towel rails has a controller controlling two types of heating:
 Atmospheric heating : Comfort mode, heating of the room by the towel rails and drying towels; 
 Space heating : for a rapid temperature rise, temporised switching on of the blower, instant heat. 
> The position of the blower at the bottom of the towel rails, allows:
 To maintain a minimum distance between the towel rails and the wall, ideal for small spaces; 
 Keep a spreading surface linen or towels identical to a conventional towel rails. 

> The fins located in front of the blower are adjustable upwards, the air flow is optimized. 
> Easily accessible from the front of the towel rails, the permanent removable dust filter can be cleaned with a little water and a sponge without dismounting. 

* OSEO became Bpifrance July 12, 2013

Simple and curved design


> Automatic dual-fuel Lamelys with blower combines technological innovation and sleek design : the perfect integration of the blower gives it a neat finish.
> The small bulk of automatic dual-fuel Lamelys with blower has been designed to comply with constraints layout in your bathroom, freeing space for furniture and decoration. 
> Profile of the heating body "curved scale" with flat turbular, facilitating the hanging of towels. 
> Aesthetically invisible hydraulic connectors : the decorative plate, in both solid and elegant, located in the lower part of the towel rails, it confers robustness and neat finish. 







Ergonomics and usability


> Intuitive, controllers are digital and easy to use.
> The child safety device is integrated in control, no unintentional changes is possible when the keypad lock is active. 


Infrared remote control included


> Infrared remote control supplied with the wall support allows to manage remotely the towel rails : the temperature setting, boost activation/deactivation, selection of operating modes.
> With its integrated thermometer function, it shows constantly the temperature of the room.
> Ergonomic shape facilitates the grip and large backlit keys dimensions. 




A complete and adapted range


> Three powers, width, three heights allow the perfect fit of automatic dual-fuel Lamelys with blower to the volume of the room. 
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